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Forklift Repair & Service

Forklift Repair & Service Department

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2.92 Hour Response Time

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75% First Time Fix Rate

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Planned Maintenance Agreements

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Full Service Shop

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Expert Battery Service

“Citing excellence in aftermarket service, Lift Truck Sales, Service & Rentals, Inc. has received the Gold award from UniCarriers Americas Corporation (UCA) as part of its Aftermarket Excellence Program (AEP) Awards. The AEP is designed to recognize UniCarriers dealers who have achieved excellent performance in aftermarket parts and service. This year marks the fourth time Lift Truck Sales, Service & Rentals, Inc. received the honor”

UniCarriers Americas Corporation (UCA)

Forklift Repair in Knoxville, Chattanooga, Kentucky & North Georgia

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Our service department prides itself on quick, responsive and accurate service on all forklift repairs and other equipment. Part of the Gold Award we were given is related to customer care. We proudly reported a 2.92 hour response time to our customers. With the help of real-time tracking and dispatching, we are able to get the closest technician to your facility quickly and we work every day to get that time even shorter.

We also had an almost 75% first-time-fix rate, which means getting the customer’s truck back up and running quicker, alleviating downtime. This is accomplished by the comprehensive inventory stocked on our Isuzu and Ford Service Vans. So we are ready no matter what forklift repair needs you have.

Forklift Repainting

We offer comprehensive Planned Maintenance Agreements that keep you in tune with your forklift and other equipment. To help our customers maintain their fleet, we also have Full Maintenance contracts that help meet budget needs and keep your fleet running smoothly. We do all sizes of jobs, from a simple belt change to transmission, motor and axle rebuilds.

Lift Truck Sales, Service & Rentals has a full-service shop to meet all major repair needs and more. We are constantly upgrading our shop and equipment to fulfill a wider range of services for our customers. A full, EPA Compliant, paint booth has taken our refurbish and paint jobs to the next level. Our tool crib houses a variety of brand-specific testing equipment and tools. Our fabrication area, outfitted with MIG and TIG welders, saws, PAC and abrasive equipment, allows us to repair more than just mechanical parts.

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Battery Maintenance

Our state of the art battery maintenance facility allows us to accurately test, charge, equalize, adjust and repair flooded cell battery. We also have a new Eco-friendly battery wash station.

We service all brands of industrial batteries, as well as being an authorized Dealer for Battery Builders, Inc. and Power Designers.

Environmental Awareness

We at Lift Truck Sales, Service & Rentals have taken steps to help keep our environment as clean as possible. All of our waste oil is burned in our new high-efficiency Waste Oil Heater; this means that the vast majority of the oil that comes in, stays in-house. Our shop has recently been converted to all LED lighting. We are proud of this and proud that we are burning through less electricity with a more efficient means of lighting. Any type of waste that cannot be safely disposed of, is taken by companies that are certified to safely dispose of that kind of waste.