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We now offer a state-of-the-art telematics system that can be installed on any new or used forklifts and industrial equipment. We will provide you with an enhanced knowledge of the interaction between your trucks, operators, and working environment in real-time.

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The Collective Intelligence Group offers leading fleet data intelligence to mixed fleets through the
Fleet iQ360 system.

Fleet iQ360 Gives You:

• Access only for authorized drivers
• Pre-shift checks specific to your operations
• Impact reporting
• Detailed fleet management reporting, through CAN bus if available or digital inputs to measure traction time, time on seat, time using hydraulics plus others
• GPS location tracking

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Our comprehensive fleet management system provides your business with efficient three-way communication between supervisors, forklift vehicles, and drivers.

Forklift IQ360 Gives You:

• Access only for authorised drivers
• Pre-shift checks specific to your operations
• Fleet management reporting
• Impact reporting

Download the Forklift IQ360 Brochure